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Freee New 2020 TEAS-SECTION-1 Exam Dumps PDF

Freee New 2020 TEAS-SECTION-2 Exam Dumps PDF

Freee New 2020 TEAS-SECTION-4 Exam Dumps PDF

Newest TEAS Exam Questions By Pass4itsure

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TEAS Test Of Essential Academic Skills TEAS-SECTION-1 Questions 1-5

Her sense of time was oddly __________; ten minutes sometimes seemed like an hour.
A. credible
B. distorted
C. idealized
D. consistent
E. formidable
Correct Answer: B

Arthur is interested in selling his car and calls the local paper to place his vehicle\\’s “for sale” article.
Which portion of the newspaper should Arthur ask to speak to?
A. the local news section
B. the classifieds section
C. the sports section
D. the upcoming events section
Correct Answer: B

Her ability to analyze issues fairly and competently has earned her the __________ of even her most peers.
A. solicitation; unbiased
B. attention; sympathetic
C. suspicion; discerning
D. reputation; knowledgeable
E. respect; exacting
Correct Answer: E
An ability to analyze issue and competently will not result in “solicitation” (meaning begging) or “suspicion.” So,
“solicitation; unbiased” and “suspicion; discerning” can first be ruled out. The use of the phrase “even her” in the second
part of the sentence rules out the adjectives “sympathetic” and “knowledgeable” in “attention; sympathetic” and “reputation; knowledgeable.” It is the “respect; exacting” pair which completes a meaningful sentence, and is the

“As a young child, I followed the same routine every Saturday morning. First, I would awaken early, before anyone else
in my family had gotten up. I wanted to make sure I had the living room all to myself as I ate my cereal and watched
cartoons. After my favorite shows were over, I would read the cartoons in Saturday\\’s local paper, making sure to cut
out my favorite ones and tack them to my bulletin board. Next, I would get dressed for the day and head outside. My
neighborhood friends and I would grab our bikes and spend the afternoon exploring the park near our houses. By the
time we got tired of riding our bikes, it would be time for my family to go out to dinner together. We always went out for a
nice meal on Saturday evenings. Finally, after dinner, my whole family would watch a movie together, while eating
popcorn and ice cream. Saturdays were always my favorite day of the week!”
Which key word does the author use to signify the last action of the day?
A. lastly
B. finally
C. next
D. by the time
Correct Answer: B


Clevercert TEAS-SECTION-1 exam questions-q5

Based on the poster, when should you create your bibliography for a research paper?
A. after choosing your topic and narrowing the focus
B. at the end, after completing your paper
C. as you brainstorm for topic ideas
D. as you find sources and reference material
Correct Answer: D

Pass4itsure TEAS-SECTION-1 Exam Questions Answers


TEAS Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS-SECTION-2 Questions 1-5

Pea plants can self-pollinate (sperm and eggs both come from the same plant) or they can cross-pollinate (sperm and
eggs come from different plants). Gregor Mendel used this to study heredity. He found that if he took a plant that only
produced yellow peas and crossed it with a plant that only produced green peas, all the offspring would only produce
yellow peas. On the other hand, if he left the offspring (all yellow pea plants) alone and let them self-pollinate, then the
second generation had a ratio of 3:1 yellow to green pea plants. Thus, Mendel could demonstrate that some traits are
“dominant” while others are “recessive.”
Referring to this passage, what could Gregor Mendel conclude from the result of his experiment with green and yellow
pea plants?
A. Green peas are a recessive trait.
B. Pea plants have carbohydrates, like starch, that are coded for by their DNA.
C. Inbreeding of pea plants causes mutations.
D. All traits come in pairs and there is always a dominant trait and a recessive trait.
Correct Answer: A

Trypsinogen, an enzyme secreted by the pancreas, is activated into trypsin in the duodenum by which enzyme?
A. protease
B. hydrochloric acid
C. enterokinase
D. pepsin
Correct Answer: C

Which of these statements regarding isotopes is not true?
A. Isotopes of an element have the same chemical and physical properties.
B. Isotopes are atoms of the same element with different mass numbers.
C. Isotopes have the same number of protons and electrons in each atom, but a different number of neutrons in their
D. Radio-isotopes are isotopes with unstable nuclei that emit radiations.
Correct Answer: A

Which valve is found between the left atrium and the left ventricle?
A. the tricuspid valve
B. the pulmonary valve
C. the aortic valve
D. the mitral valve
Correct Answer: D

A large amount of energy is produced in the center of sun by which phenomenon?
A. chemical reaction
B. nuclear fission
C. nuclear fusion
D. radioactive decay
Correct Answer: C

Pass4itsure TEAS-SECTION-2 Exam Questions Answers


TEAS Test of Essential Academic Skills TEAS-SECTION-4 Questions 1-5

Which of these sentences is not an example of subject-verb agreement?
A. Cierra\\’s blanket collection was getting out of control.
B. Four boys were teasing a group of girls in their class.
C. The students was driving the teacher crazy by screaming out answers.
D. Behavior in children is most often determined by parental behavior.
Correct Answer: C

Today, there are myriad ways to communicate with employees: newsletters; email; voice mail; video conferencing;
blogs; power luncheons; walking around; grapevine power; of course, and, meetings.
A. power luncheons; walking around; grapevine power; of course, and. meetings.
B. power luncheons; walking around; grapevine power; and, of course, meetings.
C. power luncheons; walking around; and grapevine power; of course, meetings.
D. power luncheons; and, walking around; grapevine power; of course, meetings.
E. power luncheons; and walking around; grapevine power and, of course, meetings.
Correct Answer: B

The father died without leaving a will, and since one of the sons was abroad at the time, the other took the cat\\’s share
of the property for himself.
A. the other took the cat\\’s share of the property for himself
B. the other took the rat\\’s share of the property for himself
C. the other took the tiger\\’s share of the property for himself
D. the other took the lion\\’s share of the property for himself
E. the other took the elephant\\’s share of the property for himself
Correct Answer: D

“Tiffany, Arlena, and Jane worked as a team for__________ senior project.”
Which word would be used correctly in this sentence?
A. their
B. there
C. they\\’re
D. ther
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is not a compound-complex sentence?
A. The librarian began planning after-school events for kids because she realized her community was lacking this type
of program.
B. Because the community lacked them, the librarian began planning after-school events for kids, and she was pleased
with the number in attendance.
C. The community lacked programs geared toward children, so the librarian began planning after-school events
because she wanted to help.
D. The librarian began planning after-school events for kids because she wanted to help, and she realized her
community was lacking this type of program.
Correct Answer: A

Pass4itsure TEAS-SECTION-4 Exam Questions Answers

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