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Exam Code: 300-101
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco IP Routing
Q&As: 602

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Pass4itsure Free Cisco 300-101 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers(19-40)

Which three statements are true when configuring redistribution for OSPF? (Choose three)
A. The default metric is 10.
B. The default metric is 20.
C. The default metric type is 2.
D. The default metric type is 1.
E. Subnets do not redistribute by default.
F. Subnets redistribute by default.
300-101 exam Correct Answer: BCE

R3#show run | include defaultip default-network ip default-network R3#show ip route | begin Gateway Gateway of last resort is to network is variably subnetted, 5 subnets, 3 masks C is directly connected, Serial1/0.2 C is directly connected, Serial2/0.2 C is directly connected, Serial1/0.1 C is directly connected, Serial2/0.1 S [1/0] via
* is subnetted, 3 subnets O [110/65] via, 00:14:54, Serial1/0.1 O [110/65] via, 00:14:54, Serial1/0.1 O [110/65] via, 00:14:54, Serial1/0.1
* is variably subnetted, 4 subnets, 2 masks D* is a summary, 00:30:04, Null0 C is directly connected, Ethernet0/0 C is directly connected, Ethernet0/1 C is directly connected, Ethernet1/0 D [90/679936] via, 00:02:58, Serial2/0.1 Refer to the exhibit. Why is the network not used as the gateway of last resort even though it is configured first?
A. The last default-network statement will always be preferred.
B. A route to the network does not exist in the routing table.
C. Default-network selection will always prefer the statement with the lowest IP address.
D. A router will load balance across multiple default-networks; repeatedly issuing the show ip route command would show the gateway of last resort changing between the two networks.
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps
Routers R2, R3, R4, and R5 have OSPF enabled. What should be configured on the routers in area 1 to ensure that all default summary routes and redistributed EIGRP routes will be forwarded from R6 to area 1, and only a default route for all other OSPF routes will be forwarded from R5 to area 1.
A. R5(config-router)# area 1 stubR6(config-router)# area 1 stub
B. R5(config-router)# area 1 stub no-summaryR6(config-router)# area 1 stub
C. R5(config-router)# area 1 nssaR6(config-router)# area 1 nssa
D. R5(config-router)# area 1 nssa no-summaryR6(config-router)# area 1 nssa
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the command output is true?
300-101 dumps
A. The router exports flow information to on UDP port 5127.
B. The router receives flow information from on UDP port 5127.
C. The router exports flow information to on TCP port 5127.
D. The router receives flow information from on TCP port 5127.
Correct Answer: A

Which two methods use IPsec to provide secure connectivity from the branch office to the headquarters office? (Choose two.)
C. Virtual Tunnel Interface (VTI)
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: AC

Which of the following NSAP addresses is a private, locally administered address?
A. 39.0f01.0002.0000.0c00.1111.00
B. 48.0f01.0002.0000.0c00.1111.00
C. 49.0004.30ac.0000.3090.c7df.00
D. 52.0f01.0002.0000.0c00.1111.00
Correct Answer: C

Which two phases of DMVPN allow to spoke sites to create dynamic tunnels to one another? (Choose Two)
A. Phase 1
B. Phase 2
C. Phase 3
D. Phase 4
E. Phase 5
300-101 vce Correct Answer: BC

Which two statements about 6to4 tunneling are accurate? (Choose two.)
A. Prepending a reserved IPv6 code to the hexadecimal representation of facilitates 6to4 tunneling.
B. Each 6to4 site receives a /48 prefix in a 6to4 tunnel.
C. 2002::/48 is the address range specifically assigned to 6to4.
D. Prepending 0x2002 with the IPv4 address creates an IPv6 address that is used in 6to4 tunneling.
E. 6to4 is a manual tunnel method.
Correct Answer: BD

What does the following access list, which is applied on the external interface FastEthernet 1/0 of the perimeter router, accomplish? router(config)#access-list 101 deny ip any log router (config)#access-list 101 deny ip any log router (config)#access-list 101 deny ip any log router
(config)#access-list 101 permit ip any any router (config)#interface fastEthernet 1/0 router (config-if)#ip access-group 101 in
A. It prevents incoming traffic from IP address ranges,, and logs any intrusion attempts.
B. It prevents the internal network from being used in spoofed denial of service attacks and logs any exit to the Internet.
C. It filters incoming traffic from private addresses in order to prevent spoofing and logs any intrusion attempts.
D. It prevents private internal addresses to be accessed directly from outside.
300-101 exam Correct Answer: C

Which statement describes what this command accomplishes when inside and outside interfaces are correctly identified for NAT? ip nat inside source static tcp 80 8080 extendable
A. It allows host to access external websites using TCP port 8080.
B. It allows external clients coming from public IP to connect to a web server at
C. It allows external clients to connect to a web server hosted on
D. It represents an incorrect NAT configuration because it uses standard TCP ports.
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Will redistributed RIP routes from OSPF Area 2 be allowed in Area 1?
300-101 dumps
A. Because Area 1 is an NSSA, redistributed RIP routes will not be allowed.
B. Redistributed RIP routes will be allowed in Area 1 because they will be changed into type 5 LSAs in Area 0 and passed on into Area 1.
C. Because NSSA will discard type 7 LSAs, redistributed RIP routes will not be allowed in Area 1.
D. Redistributed RIP routes will be allowed in Area 1 because they will be changed into type 7 LSAs in Area 0 and passed on into Area 1.
E. RIP routes will be allowed in Area 1 only if they are first redistributed into EIGRP.
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: A

Which command should be added to RTB under router bgp 100 to allow only the external OSPF routes to be redistributed to RTC?
300-101 dumps
A. redistribute ospf 1
B. redistribute ospf 1 match external 1
C. redistribute ospf 1 match external 2
D. redistribute ospf 1 match external 1 external 2
Correct Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
300-101 dumps
How would you confirm on R1 that load balancing is actually occurring on the default- network (
A. Use ping and the show ip route command to confirm the timers for each default network resets to 0.
B. Load balancing does not occur over default networks; the second route will only be used for failover.
C. Use an extended ping along with repeated show ip route commands to confirm the gateway of last resort address toggles back and forth.
D. Use the traceroute command to an address that is not explicitly in the routing table.
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: D

Which Cisco VPN technology uses AAA to implement group policies and authorization and is also used for the XAUTH authentication method?
B. Cisco Easy VPN
Correct Answer: B

After you review the output of the command show ipv6 interface brief, you see that several IPv6 addresses have the 16-bit hexadecimal value of andquot;FFFEandquot; inserted into the address. Based on this information, what do you conclude about these IPv6 addresses?
A. IEEE EUI-64 was implemented when assigning IPv6 addresses on the device.
B. The addresses were misconfigured and will not function as intended.
C. IPv6 addresses containing andquot;FFFEandquot; indicate that the address is reserved for multicast.
D. The IPv6 universal/local flag (bit 7) was flipped.
E. IPv6 unicast forwarding was enabled, but IPv6 Cisco Express Forwarding was disabled.
300-101 vce Correct Answer: A

Which method allows IPv4 and IPv6 to work together without requiring both to be used for a single connection during the migration process?
A. dual-stack method
B. 6to4 tunneling
C. GRE tunneling
Correct Answer: A

You have been asked to evaluate how EIGRP is functioning in a customer network.
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps
What percent of R1\’s interfaces bandwidth is EIGRP allowed to use?
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 40
300-101 exam Correct Answer: B

You have been asked to evaluate how EIGRP is functioning in a customer network.
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps
300-101 dumps
Which key chain is being used for authentication of EIGRP adjacency between R4 and R2?
C. key
D. MD5
Correct Answer: A

A network administrator uses GRE over IPSec to connect two branches together via VPN tunnel. Which one of the following is the reason for using GRE over IPSec?
A. GRE over IPSec provides better QoS mechanism and is faster than other WAN technologies.
B. GRE over IPSec decreases the overhead of the header.
C. GRE supports use of routing protocol, while IPSec supports encryption.
D. GRE supports encryption, while IPSec supports use of routing protocol.
300-101 dumps Correct Answer: C

What is the benefit of deploying IPv6 in a campus network using dual stack mode?
A. Dual Stack Mode takes advantage of IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel within a network.
B. IPv4 and IPv6 run alongside one another and have no dependency on each other to function
C. IPv4 and IPv6 share network resources.
D. IPv6 can depend on existing IPv4 routing, QoS, security, and multicast policies.
Correct Answer: B

Which two phases of DMVPN allow to spoke sites to create dynamic tunnels to one another? (Choose Two)
A. Phase 1
B. Phase 2
C. Phase 3
D. Phase 4
E. Phase 5
300-101 pdf Correct Answer: BC

Exhibit: Refer to the exhibit showing complete command output. What type of OSPF router is Router A?
300-101 dumps
A. internal router
D. edge router
Correct Answer: C
300-101 dumps

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