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1Y0-253 dumps

Pass4itsure Free Citrix 1Y0-253 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers(102-120)

Which monitor should a Citrix Administrator configure to monitor a StoreFront server group with SSL enabled?
C. STOREFRONT with “Secure” checked
D. CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE with “Secure” checked
1Y0-253 exam Correct Answer: D

What should be done to ensure high availability (HA) failover in a NetScaler HA configuration?
A. Disable all unused system interfaces.
B. Disable the IPv6 feature on the NetScaler.
C. Enable all used and unused system interfaces.
D. Change the NetScaler HA setup to two-arm mode.
Correct Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator needs to track load balanced traffic from the NetScaler to separate, individual subnets. Which IP address should be used to do this?
A. Virtual IP (VIP)
B. Mapped IP (MIP)
C. NetScaler IP (NSIP)
D. Subnet IP (SNIP)
1Y0-253 dumps Correct Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring user authentication on the NetScaler Gateway. The administrator wants to use the same login name that is used to log into Windows-based domain joined workstations. Which Server Logon Name Attribute should be used?
A. memberOf
B. displayName
C. sAMAccountName
D. userAccountControl
Correct Answer: C

Two StoreFront servers in an environment need to be addressed with a single URL. Which feature should a Citrix Administrator enable to meet this requirement?

B. Load Balancing
C. Integrated Caching
D. Application Firewall
1Y0-253 pdf Correct Answer: A

Which two steps must a Citrix Administrator complete to configure the SSL Offloading feature on a NetScaler appliance? (Choose two.)
A. Create a DNS virtual server.
B. Configure an AAA virtual server.
C. Create an SSL VPN virtual server.
D. Create a load balancing virtual server.
E. Import a valid certification-key pair and bind it to the virtual server.
Correct Answer: DE

A Citrix Administrator needs to mask the server name used by a web server, without exposing the web server virtual directory structure. Which policy should the administrator use to complete this task?
A. Responder
B. Content Filtering
C. Content Switching
D. URL Transformation
1Y0-253 vce Correct Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator is replacing an expired SSL certificate bound to a virtual server. The established ICA connections to the virtual server will display as _______. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. logged off
B. terminated
C. disconnected
D. uninterrupted
Correct Answer: C

At the onset of a XenDesktop 7.5 with NetScaler Gateway 10.5 proof-of-concept, users report they are unable to access desktop and server OS machines. Which configuration might be preventing users from accessing desktop and server OS machines?
A. Single-hop DMZ with StoreFront
B. Double-hop DMZ with StoreFront
C. Single-hop DMZ with Web Interface
D. Double-hop DMZ with Web Interface
1Y0-253 exam Correct Answer: B

The MOST complete business case for security solutions is one that.
A. includes appropriate justification.
B. explains the current risk profile.
C. details regulatory requirements.
D. identifies incidents and losses.
Correct Answer: A
Management is primarily interested in security solutions that can address risks in the most cost- effective way. To address the needs of an organization, a business case should address appropriate security solutions in line with the organizational strategy.

Which of the following is MOST important to understand when developing a meaningful information security strategy?
A. Regulatory environment
B. International security standards
C. Organizational risks
D. Organizational goals
1Y0-253 dumps Correct Answer: D
Alignment of security with business objectives requires an understanding of what an organization is trying to accomplish. The other choices are all elements that must be considered, but their importance is secondary and will vary depending on organizational goals.

Which of the following is an advantage of a centralized information security organizational structure?
A. It is easier to promote security awareness.
B. It is easier to manage and control.
C. It is more responsive to business unit needs.
D. It provides a faster turnaround for security requests.
Correct Answer: B
It is easier to manage and control a centralized structure. Promoting security awareness is an advantage of decentralization. Decentralization allows you to use field security personnel as security missionaries or ambassadors to spread the security awareness message. Decentralized operations allow security administrators to be more responsive. Being close to the business allows decentralized security administrators to achieve a faster turnaround than that achieved in a centralized operation.

Which of the following would help to change an organization’s security culture?
A. Develop procedures to enforce the information security policy

B. Obtain strong management support
C. Implement strict technical security controls
D. Periodically audit compliance with the information security policy
1Y0-253 pdf Correct Answer: B
Management support and pressure will help to change an organization’s culture. Procedures will support an information security policy, but cannot change the culture of the organization. Technical controls will provide more security to an information system and staff; however, this does not mean the culture will be changed. Auditing will help to ensure the effectiveness of the information security policy; however, auditing is not effective in changing the culture of the company.

The BEST way to justify the implementation of a single sign-on (SSO) product is to use:
A. return on investment (ROD.
B. a vulnerability assessment.
C. annual loss expectancy (ALE).
D. a business case.
Correct Answer: D
A business case shows both direct and indirect benefits, along with the investment required and the expected returns, thus making it useful to present to senior management. Return on investment (ROD would only provide the costs needed to preclude specific risks, and would not provide other indirect benefits such as process improvement and learning. A vulnerability assessment is more technical in nature
and would only identify and assess the vulnerabilities. This would also not provide insights on indirect benefits. Annual loss expectancy (ALE) would not weigh the advantages of implementing single sign-on (SSO) in comparison to the cost of implementation.

The FIRST step in establishing a security governance program is to:
A. conduct a risk assessment.
B. conduct a workshop for all end users.
C. prepare a security budget.
D. obtain high-level sponsorship.
1Y0-253 vce Correct Answer: D
The establishment of a security governance program is possible only with the support and sponsorship of top management since security governance projects are enterprise wide and integrated into business processes. Conducting a risk assessment, conducting a workshop for all end users and preparing a security budget all follow once high-level sponsorship is obtained.

An IS manager has decided to implement a security system to monitor access to the Internet and prevent access to numerous sites. Immediately upon installation, employees Hood the IT helpdesk with complaints of being unable to perform business functions on Internet sites. This is an example of:
A. conflicting security controls with organizational needs.

B. strong protection of information resources.
C. implementing appropriate controls to reduce risk.
D. proving information security’s protective abilities.
Correct Answer: A
The needs of the organization were not taken into account, so there is a conflict. This example is not strong protection, it is poorly configured. Implementing appropriate controls to reduce risk is not an appropriate control as it is being used. This does not prove the ability to protect, but proves the ability to interfere with business.

An organization’s information security strategy should be based on:
A. managing risk relative to business objectives.
B. managing risk to a zero level and minimizing insurance premiums.
C. avoiding occurrence of risks so that insurance is not required.
D. transferring most risks to insurers and saving on control costs.
1Y0-253 exam Correct Answer: A
Organizations must manage risks to a level that is acceptable for their business model, goals and objectives. A zero-level approach may be costly and not provide the effective benefit of additional revenue to the organization. Long-term maintenance of this approach may not be cost effective. Risks vary as business models, geography, and regulatory- and operational processes change. Insurance covers only a small portion of risks and requires that the organization have certain operational controls in place.

Which of the following should be included in an annual information security budget that is submitted for management approval?
A. A cost-benefit analysis of budgeted resources
B. All of the resources that are recommended by the business
C. Total cost of ownership (TC’O)
D. Baseline comparisons
Correct Answer: A
A brief explanation of the benefit of expenditures in the budget helps to convey the context of how the purchases that are being requested meet goals and objectives, which in turn helps build credibility for the information security function or program. Explanations of benefits also help engage senior management in the support of the information security program. While the budget should consider all inputs and recommendations that are received from the business, the budget that is ultimately submitted to management for approval should include only those elements that are intended for purchase. TC’O may
be requested by management and may be provided in an addendum to a given purchase request, but is not usually included in an annual budget. Baseline comparisons (cost comparisons with other companies or industries) may be useful in developing a budget or providing justification in an internal review for an individual purchase, but would not be included with a request for budget approval.

Which of the following is a benefit of information security governance?
A. Reduction of the potential for civil or legal liability
B. Questioning trust in vendor relationships
C. Increasing the risk of decisions based on incomplete management information
D. Direct involvement of senior management in developing control processes
1Y0-253 dumps Correct Answer: A
Information security governance decreases the risk of civil or legal liability. The remaining answers are incorrect. Option D appears to be correct, but senior management would provide oversight and approval as opposed to direct involvement in developing control processes.

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1Y0-253 dumps

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