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Which two prerequisites and considerations must be met prior installing Avaya IXTM Messaging? (Choose two.)
A. Antivirus software must be installed and operating according to specifications.
B. The corporate telephone system and PBX must be installed and functioning properly.
C. The server must have the operating system installed, patched and completely updated.
D. Create all accounts on the server locally, and it doesn\\’t need to have any domain accounts provisioned.
Correct Answer: AD

From how many users does Avaya recommend to use High Availability?
A. 1000
B. 400
C. 3000
D. 5000
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit.

71800X exam questions-q3

What is illustrated in the exhibit?
A. VSN Architecture for Disaster Recovery
B. Carbonite availability of the Consolidated Server for Disaster Recovery
C. Two consolidated servers in the active-active mode
D. A Management Console allowing Avaya IXTM Messaging moves, adds, and changes
Correct Answer: A

What is the function of the Secure Mobilink service on the Avaya IXTM Messaging Consolidated Server?
A. It hosts the web services.
B. It provides HA Option with Carbonite.
C. It provides DB Sync across all voice server nodes.D. It provides unified messaging synchronization.
Correct Answer: C

Which three statements describes functions of Basic Unified (UM) via SMTP Forwarding (Choose three.)
A. The user is given a single view in their email client.
B. Avaya IXTM Messaging forwards received voice and fax messages to SMTP compliant email server.
C. All message types are stored on the Messaging server.
D. All message types are stored on the email server.
E. The user is given a multiple view in their email client.
Correct Answer: ABC

Which three are supported Avaya IXTM Messaging Deployment options? (Choose three.)
A. Google cloud compute hosting (full or hybrid)
B. Microsoft Azure cloud compute hosting (full or hybrid)
C. Avaya Converged Platform turnkey appliance with pre-installed VMware
D. A customer provided virtualized server
E. A customer provided single purpose server per application
Correct Answer: CDE

In Avaya IX\\'” Messaging High Availability, which server conducts the Database Management operation?
A. Consolidated Server
B. Mobilink Server
C. Web or TSE Server
D. Primary Server
Correct Answer: D

The number of Content Sync Engine (CSE) Servers required depends upon the number of advanced users that will be
working on the system. What kind of server is required for 2,500 Advanced users, in a High Availability solution?
A. CSE Running on CS
B. CSE Running on Backup Server
C. CSE Running on Voice Server
D. A dedicated CSE Server
Correct Answer: D

Which statement about Avaya IXTM Messaging support of the legacy CallPilot Contact Center Integration features is
A. It requires a specific session manager to support the integration.
B. It requires a session manager in general to support the integration.
C. It can only be deployed with JITC.
D. There is no need for Session Manager.
Correct Answer: B

If SR140 fax port licenses are present, how many FAX channels are supported by Avaya IX,M Messaging?
A. 48 ports per voice server, 120 max/solution
B. 24 ports per voice server, 120 max/solution
C. 24 ports per voice server, 60 max/solution
D. 48 ports per voice server, 60 max/solution
Correct Answer: D

What is the order of Avaya IXTM Messaging server installation in an High Availability architecture solution?
A. Primary Server > WebLM Server > Consolidated server > All Secondaries
B. WebLM Server > Consolidated server > Primary Server > All Secondaries
C. WebLM Server > Primary Server > Consolidated server > All Secondaries
D. WebLM Server > Primary Server > All Secondaries > Consolidated server
Correct Answer: D

In CTI, which parameter allows a caller\\’s records to be retrieved from the database while the call is forwarded to the
appropriate party?
A. Calling Number Delivery (CND)
B. Calling Line Identification (CUD)
C. Dialed Number Identification (DNIS)
D. Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
Correct Answer: D

Which three features does Avaya IXTM Messaging offer? (Choose
A. Linux operating system
B. PBX and Cloud Integration
C. H.323 integration
D. Fax, Speech, Transcription Services
E. JITC Security and Encryption
Correct Answer: ABC

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